Reinstating the old AFFIX



Great news from earlier yesterday. I had to call the Kennel Club to check on something and while I was on I asked about Re-Registering my old Affix I used when I showed dogs previously (I didn't think I would be allowed)


They have said that after I pay the re rgistration fee (same amount as if applying for a new affoix I can be)


once more




Having shown Bostons & Boxers a number of years ago, and since I lost my last Boston 8 years ago, I have felt the need to have another.  I have always thought of them as little people on 4 legs and such great characters.


I have had my eye open and ear to the ground for about 5 years looking out for something special to come along and then finally, in January of this year - it did



The past ............






Wildax Zaffer of Bronheim RCC



Wildax Zaffer of Bronheim RCC (EVIE) - at 2 years old

(CH. Wildax Top Gun x Wildax Grady)


my first Boston bought at the beginning of 2000 from

Margaret & Frank Wildman.


Evie was a little superstar. She was incredibly trainable, so much so in fact that at 6 months 2 days old she won - 1st MPB, Best Puppy Bitch,

Best Puppy in Show and the RCC (beating the then breed record holder for it on the day)

at the Northern Boston Terrier Club Championship Show


                                                                        Judge - Sylvia Marston - Falconcrag


                                                                              and she showed her socks off



Picture below taken just a week or so after the winning her RCC



Wildax Zaffer of Bronheim RCC (6.5 months)




THE Present..................& the future





Since my last Boston died about 2009 I have been hankering after another. I had had the feelers out and made enquiries for quite some time, but the right dog just hadn't come along - that was until late on in January of this year.....2018


She was bred by Kelly Homer over near Middlesborough & although Kelly doensn't show (yet) she has bought her foundation stock very well


......and when I saw this picture of a puppy for sale online, I knew right away, here was the one I had been looking for


Bronheim Smart Alice

Alice at 12 weeks old

Baby Alice






Bronheim Smart Aliice - 7 months







(Matera's Nordic Echo x Kabeechi Sovereign)















Bronheim Smart Alice (Heady Study) 7 mths





(7 months old)












This is young Alice, learning to free stand, without me on the other end of the lead


Alice in the show ring







at th Scottish Kennel Cub August Show

ALICE was 3rd in Puppy Bitch & qualified for nxt years

Crufts Show


This was her first Championship Show. She was due out back in June but fter getting covered in Glue which had to be shaved off
















Qualified again with

2nd PB at City of Birmingham


Alice has had limited showing in puppy due to her rather unfortunate accident with the Lino and Gorrila Glue earleir in the year and she missed 4 months of Puppy Classes.


Shown only twice so far and Qualified both times


Not bad for a new girl

Takaira American Avenger for Bronheim

Roxxilu American Gentleman x Ir.Ch.Basterberri Mermelada (1CC 1RCC) - Imp Spain


Bred by Paula Hamilton - TAKAIRA, Northern Ireland

arriving soon


Pet Name  StanLee


I have to say a HUGE thank you to Paula for entrusiting me with this lovely young man. He has been loving and expertly brought up so far with love and & and that will not change when he moves over the water in a week or so.

He is already showing a superb temperament, ideal for a show prospect, full of himself and with confidence in bucket loads.


Paula originally called him 'Marvel' due to the 'American Avenger' part of his kennel name, however, as I like all my dogs to have human names, STANLEE (Stanley) is how he shall be known here at Bronheim.


I wanted to keep a 'connection' to his orignal given name, and as Stan Lee was the creator of the 'Marvel Comic dynasty, StanLee appeared very appropriate.


I look forward to posting more pics of him as he grows up and keeping you all posted of his progress in the Ring 2020



Alice and StanLee down the Fields atthe river enjoying the last of the Summer Sun


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