Having shown Bostons & Boxers a number of years ago, and since I lost my last Boston 8 years ago, I have felt the need to have another.  I have always thought of them as little people on 4 legs and such great characters.


I have had my eye open and ear to the ground for about 5 years looking out for something special to come along and then finally, in January of this year - it did



Wildax Zaffer of Bronheim RCC


Wildax Zaffer of Bronheim RCC (EVIE) - at 2 years old


my first Boston bought at the beginning of 2000 from Margaret & Frank Wildman.


Evie was a little superstar. She was incredibly trainable, so much so infact that at 6 months 2days old she wont - MPB, Best Puppy Bitch Best Puppy in Show and the RCC (beating the then breed record holder for it on the day) and she showed her socks off



Wildax Zaffer of Bronheim RCC (6.5 months)





Since my last Boston died about 2009 I have been hankering after another. I have had the feelers out and made enquiries but the right dog just hasn't come along - that was until late on in January of this year.....



......and when I saw this picture of a puppy online


Alice at 12 weeks old

Baby Alice






Bronheim Smart Aliice - 7 months







(Matera's Nordic Echo x Kabeechi Sovereign)















Bronheim Smart Alice (Heady Study) 7 mths





(7 months old)













This is young Alice, learning to free stand, without me on the other end of the lead



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