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In 2017 I decided to bring a breed back to Ruskin which I had a few years ago. I had always admired the breed ever since seeing the BoB Bradford winner from 1979 in and edition of Fur & Feather. It was a White Buck beloging to the Clipsham Bros.. I cannot put into words how incredible this animal was, or how fantastic I perceived it to be - but hopefully once I have found the picture again, you will be able to see just why I was so bowled over by this rabbit.  


With my love of REW's and that rabbit being a REW - REW's were the obvious choice for me in the breed. But where to find one?  They were like hens teeth. Phil Wheeler had bred one or two in around 2002 but wasnt selling, Mona Cawdron (Secretary of the National English Lop) had a couple of does but hadnt managed to breed any from them and the only other person I could find with any did actually sell me a buck - which when it arrived I was mortified. 


It was long awaited and the AMTRAK delivery van couldnt arrive fast enough for me. When he did eventually make it up north, I opened the box - to be greeted by a very sorry animal. Her has huge holes in his ears, then end missing from one also. There was a bite or abscess on his head and three further abscesses further down his ribcage and over his body. On top of this shock, this was the first ever time I had seen FLEAS on a rabbit - and he was jumping. They were flying out the box and onto me and you could clearly see the little dark beasts making furrows in his fur.

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