The Luxmore Miniature Satins



Phil Batey (Carlisle, Cumbria) & Leigh Marston (Leicester) have joined forces and came together with this new venture.


Leiigh has had a sabaticle from the Fancy for a nukber of years and when he called Phil to propose this new alliance, he said he wasnt lgetting off the phone with an answer that didnt have three letters, start with a Y and finish with an S.


He got his yes answer fairly early  on into the conversation, and another 3 hours later the phone was put down. 


Within days the first Mini Ivories had been purchased by Leigh and the excitment of startinig a totally new venture was rwell and truly in the off




One of the first pictures Leigh sent me was this one, of a Doe he had managed to buy (along with a coup[le more  does and 2 bucks)

A more than childlike excited phone call then took place and it was apparent, the SHine was most definitely back with Leigh for Rabbits, and this time, rabbits with a Sheen.


It wasnt loong before another very high ocatane call came from Leicester infoming me of yet another stud buy out - All Ivories and slightly different lines to the first ones.  Witht he 3rd phone call however came the news of COLOURED Mini Satins also being purchased, LOL


A week or so later, I surprised Leigh with the information that I had bought an entire stud from undoubtabley the Best Standard Ivory Satin breeder in the UK, who'd been working for 4 years on his own Minis, but chose to offer them to us to concentrate  on his other rabbits.




Quad Stud have done Luxmore proud with the wondercul quality Mini Satins that have come to us from Paul Morris' shed and we can't thank him enough for thinking of us and entrusting them to us after all his hard work.







Our Start to 2019



2nd February 2019

Huddersfield & Dist RC


Best Fur and Best U/5mths in Show


Mini Ivory Doe


Best Lop & RU BiS


Steel Mini Lop Ad

We are located

in the North of England, just 9 miles south of the Scottish Border and in the far North of the most beautiful county in England - Cumbria (The Lake District)

Ruskin Stud - PHIL BATEY
Burnett Road


Cumbria, United Kingdom


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We welcome enquiries from all over the world. If you are looking for stock either for breeding or showing, please don;t hesitate to contact me on the details below.


We do NOT SELL PET rabbits as a rule so please Do Not Ask,, however if there is ever pet quality rabbits needing homes, they will be advertised here.




Phil Batey

+44 1228 818112+44 1228 818112


Leigh Marston in Leicester

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