Guidlines to help with weight and growth

In the early days of the Miniature Lop breed in the UK a lot of people were struggling with the weight on their lops.  They were quickly growing as youngsters and it was found that by the time they reached adulthood, they were too big and overweight.


There were some people who were working on the Miniature Lops bred out of Dwarf Lops and these rabbits were providing some people with this problem.  There were others who had imported stock but still found that they had rabbits going over weight at 5 months old, if not earlier.  The National Miniature Lop Club decided to try and get as much information from its members as possible  for them to be able to come up with a guide to the weight for the growth pattern of the rabbit.


The response was not good from the membership with only a handful of people supplying weights they had noted.  A chart and calculation table was then drawn up with the information supplied.  Although the response was poor, the result was quite uniform and it is with this table, chart and information that I would try to calculate my stock weights with even today.


The table below has the age (in months) of the rabbit going across the top.  Across the bottom of the table is the weight in ounces.

0              1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9              10 

3              14           22              30           37             42            46            49             51             52             52



This table is by no means an exact tool for using to estimate the weights of your rabbits and should only be referred to for guidance.  It has worked well for me, but may not for others.  There are so many different factors when raising rabbits to take into account.

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