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comes to Bronheim

Alice & the Travel Crates

New Travel Crates


After buying a new Cage Trolly only a couple of weeks ago, I've now gone and bought a completely different option for transportation


The Indestructable EAST COAST CRATES stacking crate from the USA


although I got these from a friend who has retired from showing (and only used the crates TWICE before all the dogs went)




(Bronheim Smart Alice)

has fallen in love with the new mode of transport - however she isnt going to get to use them yet.

In fact, she wont be the first of my Boston's to travel in them



(Takaira American Avenger for Bronheim)

Roxxilu American Gentleman x Ir Ch. Basterberri Mermelada 1 CC 1RCC


                                                                                                                             is to be the first of our guys to have a trip in them -

                                                                                                                       and it will be on his journey here when he will become a member of the Family



LockDown Pictures

updated 4/8/2020

StanLee turns 12 months old



StanLee turned 1 in July and as of yet STILL has not been shown as he missed being able to  qualify for Crufts by 2 days and then shows were all stopped for Lockdown.


This has meant that training has still had to continue, but without the help from our local Ringcraft Classes and without the help of having other dogs around to acclimatise him to them (he just LURVES to play the fool when there is another hound to watch him show off)


This is StanLee at an open air ring craft class last week which was kindly put on in a club member's meadow in the grounds of their lovely home.


We've discovered that he actually works better 'outdoor & on the grass' than indoor on mats, LOL


The tables have turned!



as the title of the picture suggests

this is StanLee having a table training day




he has never been on a table at home (until this new one arrived)

Only ever at ringcraft, so now training here can progress in earnest!






not to be Outdone, Alice too is having to brave the table,

and for one who HATES it, she aint doing so bad

Moody river looks



Where has that StanLee gone?!


Alice looking to see if she can see where he's buggered off to as she makes it to the river bank for a swim, and he's AWOL


Soaking the undercarriage



Ahh so here he is


cooling off his belly in the shallows - something that has turned into quite a repetitive part of his summer walks by waterways

Crikey Pikey



"If you go down to the woods today"


you're in for a BIG Surprise


Alice was astounded to find a humungous Otter in the woodland, and a big Pike Fish LOL

Wanna play ball?



Is she Playing Ball,

or not letting StanLee play Ball?


you decide

StanLee & Alice down the riverr



So eager and intentive


Butter wouldn't melt huh!






Alice came into season about two weeks ago and the pair of them have had to spend their days and nights apart. This is the first time they have had to be seperated (for reason's best left unknown, it did not happen last time LOL) and BOY 'O' BOY has it been painful for both of them (and I guess myself as well)


They have never spent a night apart from each other, apart from the time when they were in ICU after getting poisoned at the beginning of this year, which has meant this enforced speperation has been traumatic  mentally on both of them. StanLee has been suffering two fold though, losing his pal and also not being able to get his little end away LOL


I have to say though that as the weeks have gone on, they have got used to it, and in fact are happy to 'swap over' places every 6 hours with each other from the large cage, to the open house, and vice versa.



Alice's Fool Face




What does this face say?


Im thinking she's saying

'You Sir - are a Fool'



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