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Phil Batey


Founder of the World Famous Ruskins Miniature Lop Stable and general dogsbody these days.

Thor - The legendary Mini Lop - 3BS 140

REW Founding Show/Stud Buck

The very first picture I took of Thor, the moment I saw him for the first time - sitting in his pen at the Europa Championship Show, Utrecht, Holland. Jan 1994

Paja - the first REW Doe and mother of 'The Real MaCoy'

produced 5 BIS winners

a Match (With Thor) made in Heaven - producing 5 different BIS winning rabbits and 3 others winning RuBiS awards

REW's past & present

                                                       3BS 140

  This is THOR of Ruskin. A rabbit way ahead of his time (in the UK) and the most influential Minature Lop in the first Ten Years of the breeds development in the UK

He was imported from Holland in January 1994 from his breeder - Wijnand Van Leeuwen along with 6 other animals and on arrival in the UK had to go straight into 6 months Quaratine.  In the July he was realsed from Quarantine and it was evident his care whilst incarserated had not been fantastic, however, with quality feed, plenty of water and plenty of fresh clean bedding he soon started to look like the animal I had seen in Holland in the January.  It was important to me to make sure that I got him into peak condition in the weeks follwoing him being released as the Miniature Lop was to gain Standardisation in the August  and I wanted to be able to show him as soon as possible. 


The first 10 days of August went by before I took him to a show. This was Rotherham Championship Show - incorporating the Yorkshire & Humberside Lop Club summer show and the Rare Varieties Club Show (both of which he was entitled to be shown in as well at the Championship Show).   I had long been saying that I wanted to be the first person in the UK to win a Best In Show with a Miniature Lop - I never drempt that Sept 11th 1994 would be that day - just 11 days after standardisation.


He won Best in Show from over 100 Lops (all breeds) in the YHLC Stock Show. He then went on to win the SECOND BIS UK on the same day by winning BIS in the RVCGB Stock Show and he won Best of Breed and Runner up Best Fancy in the Open Championship Show. To say it was a day of shocks and huge surprises would be an understatement.

The FIRST EVER  Best In Show Award for a Miniature Lop Rabbit in the UK






Thor taking Best in Show at the Scottish Lop Club Show and yet Another BIS from the Rare Varieties Club on the same day








The first baby from Thor and Paja - Double BIS Ch Ruskin's the Real MaCoy



McCoy was to become the first ever Mini Lop to win a NMLRC CC (16/4/1995)

First Ever NMLRC Stock show - judged by Mrs Jane Bramley





     Litter Brother's - MaCoy and Trooper who I sold to Paul and Rosemary Harper -

                                      Velvetvale Stud


  Trooper became the First Miniature Lop in the UK to win the Lop Group at a Major 

   4 Star Championship Show, which he did at the West Midlands Championshp Show 





                                   Supreme Champion Ruskins Gucci


Gucci became the First BRC Supreme Champion to be registered in the breed in 2007

  after winning BIS twice at 4 Star Championship Shows along with numerous other



He was sold to Chris Humphrey's of Lynbrook Stud , Wales in 2008 to get her back into

   the Fancy after almost 20 years of being away from rabbit breeding and showing

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