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Phil Batey


Founder of the World Famous Ruskins Miniature Lop Stable and general dogsbody these days.

Thor - The legendary Mini Lop - 3BS 140

REW Founding Show/Stud Buck

The very first picture I took of Thor, the moment I saw him for the first time - sitting in his pen at the Europa Championship Show, Utrecht, Holland. Jan 1994

Paja - the first REW Doe and mother of 'The Real MaCoy'

produced 5 BIS winners

a Match (With Thor) made in Heaven - producing 5 different BIS winning rabbits and 3 others winning RuBiS awards

REW's past & present

                                                       3BS 140

  This is THOR of Ruskin. A rabbit way ahead of his time (in the UK) and the most influential Minature Lop in the first Ten Years of the breeds development in the UK

He was imported from Holland in January 1994 from his breeder - Wijnand Van Leeuwen along with 6 other animals and on arrival in the UK had to go straight into 6 months Quaratine.  In the July he was realsed from Quarantine and it was evident his care whilst incarserated had not been fantastic, however, with quality feed, plenty of water and plenty of fresh clean bedding he soon started to look like the animal I had seen in Holland in the January.  It was important to me to make sure that I got him into peak condition in the weeks follwoing him being released as the Miniature Lop was to gain Standardisation in the August  and I wanted to be able to show him as soon as possible. 



The UK's FIRST  ever Best In Show awarded to a Mini Lop

The first 10 days of August went by before I took him to a show. This was Rotherham Championship Show - incorporating the Yorkshire & Humberside Lop Club summer show and the Rare Varieties Club Show (both of which he was entitled to be shown in as well at the main Championship Show).   I had long been saying that I wanted to be the first person in the UK to win a Best In Show with a Miniature Lop - I never drempt that Sept 11th 1994 would be that day - and that it would just 11 days after standardisation.


He won Best in Show from over 100 Lops (all breeds) in the YHLC Stock Show. He then went on to win the SECOND BIS UK on the same day by winning BIS in the RVCGB Stock Show and he won Best of Breed and Runner up Best Fancy in the Open Championship Show. To say it was a day of shocks and huge surprises would be an understatement.





The FIRST EVER  Best In Show Award for a Miniature Lop Rabbit in the UK






Thor taking Best in Show at the Scottish Lop Club Show and yet Another BIS from the Rare Varieties Club on the same day








The first baby from Thor and Paja

Double BIS Ch Ruskin's the Real MaCoy



McCoy was to become the first ever Mini Lop to win a NMLRC CC (16/4/1995)

First Ever NMLRC Stock show - judged by Mrs Jane Bramley





     Litter Brother's - MaCoy and Trooper who I sold to Paul and Rosemary Harper -

                                      Velvetvale Stud


  Trooper became the First Miniature Lop in the UK to win the Lop Group at a Major 

   4 Star Championship Show, which he did at the West Midlands Championshp Show 



Ruskin's Grace (Gucci's Mother)


Grace was out of an outcross doe I brought in from a well known stud, local to me at the time, who were doing a lot of winning with REW's  - Jervis & Donnagain, and it would appear that she slotted in quite well.


I showed her as a baby and she won a couple of classes, but was always competing against either one of my bucks, or one from the show team of J&D for the CC


I include her here as she played a pivitol role in the direction that Ruskin went in at this time and is a doe that can be raced through almost every Ruskin Mini Lop bred from then on.




                                   DOUBLE Supreme Champion Ruskin's Gucci


Gucci became the First BRC Supreme Champion to be registered in the breed in 2007 after winning BIS twice at 4 Star Championship Shows along with numerous other Groups.


He was sold to Chris Humphrey's of Lynbrook Stud , Wales in 2008 to get her back into the Fancy after almost 20 years of being away from rabbit breeding and showing




Ruskin's Christina


She was a lovely doe, bred out of Gr Ch. Ricardo (Sooty Fawn) and  a REW import doe from Harold Wolf -  she was an only youngster and grew on really well.


She was first shown at 4.5 months old at the Southern Champ Show in 2006. She was not actually entered, but when I discovered the rabbit I had intended taking had pulled a nail, I looked for another u/5 that could go in its place - and she was chosen.

So..... on her very first (and only) time out, she beat her stable mate Sup.Ch Gucci for the CC, she then took BoB and went on to win the Lop Group as well.

**Suprised was an understatement**

I hadn't noticed at home that morning, but she was almost completely bald underneath and still to this day I will never know how she managed to do so well that day




Ch. Ruskin's Wilson


Wilson was out of a litter by a new import buck  from a line I had never used before and had brought in to see what could be improved, if anything with the first outcross.


His mother was Gucci's litter sister


Surprisingly, the outcross was very successfull, and this buck was a 4* Championship Show BIS winner, with numerous other Regional Stock Show BIS's under his belt as well.



Ruskin's Wilmott


and as this bucks name also suggests (you'll see a pattern emerge with this) Wilmot was a Ch. Wilson son. He went overweight for a youngster, before he was 4 months old, so was never shown as a baby. However, he levelled out and was successfully shown to BIS wiins as an adult.


He was later sold to another breeder, to help with their Breeding in Denmark.



Supreme Champion Edam vom Ruskin

6OV 411


Imported from Holland in 2006, this boy was another from the Country of Origin that came to Ruskin and was hugely influential on the forward direction and improvement of the breed in the UK.. He was a super show animal, but it was in the breeding pen he proved even more incredible.  He was the Sire of 23 different BIS winning children and the Grandsire of probably treble that. He wont the Lop Group At Bradford Championship Show in 2010 and was the Grandfather of the 2012 Group and Best in Show Winners.






Nadia vom Ruskin


At the same time I brought over Edam, I had the opportunity to bring a couple of does as well - from the same litter. I wouldn't usually have taken 3 animals the exact same way bred, but they were just too good an opportunity to pass over.


Nadia is pictured Left after winning

Best Lop and Best In Show at the 4* SOLENT CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 2006


she had a futher 2 BIS win before I mate her up



Nikki vom Ruskin

(litter sister to Edam & Nadia)


pictured winning BIS National Mini Lop ASS 2006



Ch. Ruskin's Middleton


Born in 2007 and bred for the BRC 6 Star Show (one held - at that time - every 7 Years

He won Best in Show on his first ever outing to the Northern Lop Club stock show at Middleton in Manchester (hence his name) and then he went on to Win

BEST OF BREED Mini Lop at Stafford 6* Show a month or so later. He was a super show buck with lots of 'character' and he always held his head up shouting 'look at me' to all of the Judges.

I later sold him on, after taking stock off him self, to help further anothe Mini Lop breeders stud - LYNBROOK STUD  - Chris Humphries in West Wale



Ruskin's Fred the Head


This was a buck I never showed - I know - you are looking at him and wondering  WHY?

Well he was actually very soft coated and not the kind of coat I was wanting to show around that time, so even though he had incredible type (he was a Middleton son) He stayed at home and was hardly used at Stud either, due to me being too wary that his coat would pass on.. Still, it was always nice to go int he shed and see that head staring back at you from his hutch.



Ruskin's Pattrick


This buck was in the very first litter I had off Edam, and originally I sold him as a youngster to another breeder, but she felt that he was too big (At his heaviest as a fully mature adult, he only weighed 3lb 9oz) so I bought him back.

He went on to sire Gr. Ch. Ruskin's MG (Top Winning Mini Lop 2009) and a number of other very prolific BIS winners.



Ch Ruskin's Edason


As his name suggests, he is an Edam son (the first one to be shown) and he was a National & Regional Stock Show BiS winners, and also Open Show BIS winner.


I never used him myself for breeding, and sold him on at a still relatively young age, to another breeder to help progress their lines, which he did immensley.


Ch. Ruskin's Alexander

Alex was obviosuly destined to be at Ruskin to do some good, but in his early months, I decided to sell him (along with about 10 other REW's) to someone wanting a really top start in REW Mini Lops.  Jim Pearson (Barracuda Stud) was diversifying from his Top Winning REW N,Dwarfs and moving into the Lops. He also purchased R.Pattriick and Ruskin's Massimo (a Pattrick Nephew, and 8 Does.)


Within 3 years, the bucks (and does) were sold on by Jim, and then again by their new owners -  over and over again - EVENTUALLY coming back to me (after I hunted each one of them down) when I bought them all back. (I had stated when I sold them to Jim first off , if he ever wanted rid I would take them all back, which he agreed to - but to which he never kept his word)

Alex stayed with me and won a number of BIS awards, before I decided to loaned him to Adey Ley  - I didnt want to sell him again, so loaning him was the better option.

This ended up being almost a permanent loan, as I only had him back in my possesion once after he left  (for him to win the NMLRC ASS and the YHLC ASS at Doncaster - where he left the show hall and again went back to Ady's. ... where he spent the remainder of his life. I have a beautiful som of his here however - Ruskin's Alster






Ch Ruskin's Marvello


this was a lovely baby who I won a few BIS's with and then donated him to the National Mini Lop Club of GB's 15th Anniversary Show Auction where he was eventually purchased by Dave & Amanda White of Sunnybank Stud in Wales, where he went on to continue winning and producing for them


Marvello was sired by Gr.Ch. Ruskin's Ricardo - a Sooty Buck who shared the same father as Ch. Ruskin's Middleton -  CH Ruskins Jamie - an Agouti Buck who was

Runner Up Best In Show at the NMLRC 10th Anniversary show in 2005 at Sandbach



Ch. Ruskin's Marvric


This was a super baby, winning his first CC and 3rd BIS at the NMLRC 15th Anniversary YSS. He developed on well and was eventually donated to the Bradford Championship Show auction where he was bought by Julie Livingstone and went on to become the backbone of her stud of REW Miniature Lops of this day


Gr. Ch. Ruskin's MG



This buck ended his show career with 18 BIS wins for me and was (and still is) the Mini Lop that has won me the most - even though he didnt make Supreme Champion Status

He was the rabbit I had intended to take to Bradford Champ,in 2010 and had he have managed to get to that show and Win,  that win would have given him Sup.Ch Status but it was not meant to be as he broke coat 4 days before the show, so I had to take his Grandfather instead and he went on to Win it for him!




Ch. Ruskin's Little G


An MG son and super headed buck with exceptional crown and ear drop who after winning BIS at the National ASS I decided to let go to help kick start the breed properly in Spain where he went to live with Adrian in Madrid





Supreme Champion Ruskin's OMG


although his name would suggest he was an MG Son, infact his father was Ch.Ruskin's Remington - Steel Buck, himself being sired by Sup Ch. Edam

On his mother's side however, OMG was an MG Grandson











seen here sitting in the

Bradford Championship Show  BEST IN SHOW Rose Bowl


after winning BIS in January 2012, he was Retired & never shown again




Ruskin's The Rock


Unshown as always has sat on the top end of the wright limit, but did I care, nah. He has been a useful  branch of the bloodline to retain. His father was an import buck, his mother wa litter sister to Sup. Champion R.OMG


I have now moved this buck on and it has gone to live with

Oliver Kelly, Donna and Karen Gillians (Kellians Stud)



Ruskin's Alster


this is my Ch Alex son, unshown as most highly prized for his bloodline and better off at home with me than at a show showing eveyone how beautiful he is (he knows it anyway)

His a small chap, wieighing only 3lb1oz at 4 years old, but he certainly doesnt look pewney. he's a solid hunk of muscle



Ch. Lanark of Ruskin


Lanark was a buck I bought in from Julie Livingstone (Lazarus Stud)

His Grandfather was the Buck Julie bought from me at Braford Champ Show the year before (R/Marvric) and I wanted some of the bloodine coming from the maternal side of his pedigree.


he was an incredibly UGLY baby and took a long to to start to fill into anything looking like a Mini Lop, but at around 5.5 months old he did startto change, and it happened which a bopm.

His first outing to a show he won BIS in the NMLRC srtock show and the Open Show,

his second outting he also won another 2 BIS and a third outng in that month saw him win another BIS.

Ruskin's Lawrie



Ruskin's Elder Wand (9 Months old)



Ruskin's Bartholmew (4  Months old)




Ruskin's THE LAST MG



This beautiful young adult buck is a Quadruple Remington G.G Grandson and a Double MG G .Grandson.

His pedigree features three of Ruskin's most prolific producers of the last 10 years many times and is tightly line bred. The most concentrated bloodline buck that I have had here for a long time.

I am looking forward to seeing what he produces




Ruskin's Thomas


Sired by Tiny Tim of Ruskin (bred by Tom Oversby) out of Ruskin's Steel Magnetta


This young lad has a superr head set up, wonderful forefaces and short limbs. He is a touch soft in coat and at not even 2lb in weight yet he is small... but thats not always a bad thing



Ruskin's Pabletta


sired by Rukin's Strauss - STEEL

Dam an Uptons Pablo ar Ruskins Steel daughter


16 weeks oid in this picture



Rukin's Outlander


a beautiful REW doe out of Tiny Tom and Thelma


Im sure you will agree, she is a rather Special Doe



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